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Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 Review.

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In this review i will use a a few phones as a baseline; iphone 3gs/3g, about it palm pre, treo 700w/800w/pro.

Unlike most reviews, I”ll sum it up right here: The Touch Pro2 is the best Windows Mobile device I have ever had.

So first i will talk about how it compares to the old windows mobile devices, I used to have the 700w, 800w and the pro for 1.5/1/0.5 years respectively.

I will say the 800w and pro were great, besides a few glitches:

  1. The 800w was unreliable, would crash more than the rest.   It also had a problem that if the battery dies, it would take forever to get the phone running again.
  2. The Pro was a really nice phone, but the lack of memory made it go out of memory if you had more than 2 tasks open, also forget about running opera 9.7b, it would just run of memory.
  3. The 700w for that time was a really nice phone,   not the most stable phone, but nice.

Indeed the TP2 (Touch Pro2) is the best phone out of the 3.   What does it improve? 1) Stable, more memory, nice battery life, way better camera than any of the old wm phones. The enhancements that HTC introduced to the GUI and menus.   Also it has a much better reception than the 800w and Treo Pro.

So why don’t i have an iphone ? The iphone is a great phone.   probably the only Apple device i can recommend. unfortunately there are a few reasons why i won’t get it in the near future:

  1. Doesn’t work on sprint.
  2. Non replaceable internal battery.
  3. There is no way   to record phone calls.
  4. No copy paste (kidding).
  5. Linked only to itunes.
  6. No way to set emails to vibrate only.
  7. Can’t set private appointments in exchange.

There are a few things going for the iphone,   capacitive screen, very finger friendly GUI, fluidity, meaning everything works in harmony,support for multiple exchange calendars, frequent OS updates and upgrades.

This is a living document.   I Will update this as I have new information.

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