Sunday April 17, 2011 23:26

iPad2 review – Initial thoughts.

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I got a new iPad2 from work (for development and testing purposes) and I used it over the weekend.  Here are my thoughts:


  1. Very Thin.  I like !
  2. Good quality screen. (Though the resolution is lacking, adiposity for today’s technology)


  1. Can’t charge it and use it with anything but the apple supplied charger.  (maybe some newer computers will have a high power usb port)
  2. I found the that touch screen was finicky, remedy  I had a hard time with very small buttons.  Almost as if the screen touch grid was not calibrated right.
  3. I really miss having a consistent back button that android devices provide.  Very annoying not to have it.
  4. I got a lot of checker board when browsing and that surprised me.
  5. No flash –  That was surprisingly annoying not to have.
  6. Battery life – I don’t know… it was definitely not 10 hours.  Maybe 6-7
  7. The speaker on this thing is pathetic. Driving a car and using the speakers to watch a movie, is almost impossible.  (unless you ride a whisper quiet Lexus)
  8. The cameras were so so.
  9. I found that not being able to prop the angle of the screen like a laptop very limiting (I know, I know… It’s a tablet after all, But i personally didn’t expect it to be such an issue.  But it is. The ability to prob a laptop down and angle the screen just the way you like is priceless)


Overall this reminds me why I don’t like apple products.  While my 5 y/o daughter found it to be easy to use.  I found it frustrating to use.

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