Wednesday September 21, 2011 10:04

Briggs & Stratton Storm Responder 5500 Watt portable generator review

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I decided to get a generator when our power went out (to what turned out to be a few days).

Lowes only had the Storm Responder 5500 in stock.  I paid about $800 for it.

Here are my thoughts about it.

The good:

Seems powerful, glands I was able to run an electric kettel, a fridge, freezer, a washer and dryer and a UPS that has a computer and a 46” screen connected to it.

The bad:

It has no overload protection.  Nothing.

It had no low oil protection.

Extremely loud.  I mean loud. This must be the loudest generator that is sold at any wattage.  It was so loud that I couldn’t leave it on at night.  I waited till midnight and woke up early at 6.  Not long enough for the fridge to warm to an unsafe temperature.

The fuel gauge just doesn’t work.  It pretty much shows empty at all times.  Seems as this is a common problem for this model.

It gobbled gas. If I had to estimate I would say about 1-0.8 gallons an hour. I ran it at maybe 10% load most of the time.

BTW during that time the UPS had to intervene and kicked in once every hour.  Not sure if that’s acceptable.


I think for the price, It should have these protections as well as be quieter.


Needless to say I returned it.  The search continues.


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