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Champion Generator review – model 46514 – 3500 watts continues output.

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This is a mini review for the Champion 3500 watts generator. This specific one comes with a 120/240 switch which is great. Check out a very similar model on amazon:

The likes:

  • Relatively quiet. (68db)
  • Good fuel consumption – 3 hours/gal  (12 total at 50% load)
  • Light.  About 98lbs.
  • Well constructed.  Powder coated frame.
  • 240v capable, which means that with a twist plug splitter like this, you would be able to use the entire output with regular plugs. If you get the other model like the 46515 get the following plug:  Camco 55233 RV 30M/15F Amp PowerGrip Adapter.
  • Reputable company.  Really good reviews online from people who had to get service.  The company stands behind their product.
  • Affordable!  I think at the $300 range price it’s a bargain.


By the way, I recommend that you use regular 30w oil for the first 5-10 hours (that’s if you’re in climate warmer than 50) and then after use a 5w-30w full synthetic oil like mobil1.  (you want to break in the engine with the lower grade oil, the synthetic is too slick for it to break in properly)


Check out the video review at:

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