Wednesday November 9, 2011 14:44

Republic Wireless the new kid on the block? (there is also a coupon)

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There’s a new kid on the block, contagion it’s called Republic Wireless, more about they are coming out with a $19 a month unlimited service plan that relies mostly on Wifi.

Before I forget to mention there’s a coupon that knocks off $100 off the handset price which brings it down to $99, great deal, the coupon is welcome19 and it’s good until November 27th.

The big thing about this is that it works abroad on wifi for free.  Big deal for some travelers, when they come back it seemlesly works all over the U.S with wifi or without (relying on good old cellular, Sprint from what it seems).

The small print states 550 minutes cell time a month is acceptable.  Not bad.

The initial handset unit is the LG Optimus, decent  handset  for 99 bucks.


What do you think?  Will they play well with the big boys?



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