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I find it shocking that it’s not listed anywhere very clear…  Who wants to run a .exe file on a windows machine for no good reason?

the command are:

adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.READ_LOGS

if you don'e have the adb command on your computer download the android platform tools from the official site at:

extract go to command prompt, navigate to that directory and run the commands.


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This happens when there are 2 virtual machines that have a discreprincy. (Say you change one of the drives)

In this case you have to go to the Hyper-V manager connect to the replica server and delete the copy of that machine.

Now go to the master Hyper-V and enable replication again.   Should work now.

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After version 2.16 Mobile Passport app introduces Plus subscription, charges for features that were previously free.   If you want the old version you will need to uninstall the latest version and sideload the old version you can find it here  (Just make sure to disable the auto-update on the app in the app store)

I wouldn’t mind paying for it, but a subscription fee is just not worth it.

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Tuesday March 19, 2019 09:53

Arduino Pro Mini SDA and SCL pins

For some reason all the sites listing the pin labels on the Arduino Pro Mini don’t specify where A4 and A5 pins are located which are the SDA and SCL pins on this board.

Here are their locations:

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This happens on all new Dell computers.   Very annoying,   I found the answer on Microsoft page, but it’s not very clear so I’ll explain a little more:

ok so the problem is that these computers come with a trial version of office365

So you have to remove the serial keys or activations. to do that you run from command prompt as administrator:

cscript “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\OSPP.vbs” /act


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I tried to install Google Backup & Sync and kept getting this error.

I spent hours trying to figure out a solution,   at the end I decided to check what happens if I use this:

And use it to UNINSTALL Google Update Service.  After that everything installed fine.

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I’m guessing this happened after migrating to a new hard drive.

Try this:

If you don’t have the windows 10 install cd:

  1. Download the Windows 10 installation files.
  2. Create a Windows 10 bootable media.
  3. Boot your computer with the bootable media.
  4. Click the Repair your computer
  5. Click Troubleshoot. Then click Advanced Options. Then click Command Prompt
  6. Type the following commands to fix the mbr:
  • Bootrec /fixMbr   (This will  attempt to fix the master boot record)
  • Bootrec /fixBoot
  • Bootrec /ScanOS (This
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Thursday September 20, 2018 10:23

Outlook 2016 Signature window will not open

I’ve had this issue where the signature options just don’t open in Outlook 2016.   What turned out was that there was two versions of outlook installed on the machine.

So click on the window button and scroll down the apps and look and see if there’s dual apps of every office application.  for outlook just uninstall the one you’re not using.

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Monday September 17, 2018 10:15

How to search linux files for text

grep -Ril “text you want to search here” .

The .  is the current directory… you can change it to whatever you want…  

-R is for recursive search,   I.e subfolders (Remove if you only need the files in a specific folder)
-l   is so it spits out just the filenames containing the phrase.
-i is for case insensitive.… Read the rest

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