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Tuesday August 14, 2018 14:36

How to cancel your Blue Apron account

It’s really annoying they don’t have it listed on the web site. Here you go: the rest

In the login screen of Windows 10, click the shutoff button,  the options will pop up.  In this case while holding the shift key on the keyboard click on restart option.

Now when it restart, I would suggest selecting option #5 which is safe mode with network support.

Do be able to uninstall most programs you would need to enable windows installer.  Safe MSI app lets you easily do it.

If you have Mcafee Antivirus I suggest you uninstall it, … Read the rest

Download the new Adobe application Manager:

Now the weird part is that you need to launch the old one (Or just check for updates from one of the suite’s applications)

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I was trying to install CrashPlan for a specific user so I could backup a network mapped drive, this sucked I think at least 10 hours of my life to figure this out:

1. Open ‘Local security Policy’ by running ‘Secpol.msc’ in the command line.

2. Go to – Local Policies -> Security Options.

3. On the right side scroll down to ‘User Account Control: run all Administrators in admin approval mode’.

4. Change the setting to ‘Disabled’.  (YES DISABLED!!!)… Read the rest

Run this in command prompt (Make sure you run with administrator rights)

netsh int ip reset

Restart the computer.

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This has been driving me nuts.   I’m positive that there is a bug in windows 10 that Microsoft needs to fix.  (At lease notify the user and not crash)

ok so if file explorer crashes immediately after you open it, then you need to click the start menu and type File Explorer Options (It will pop up as you type)

After you open it you need to clear the File explorer history Cache.

The 2nd problem I found that was … Read the rest

Ok so I don’t know of a true way but I have a great alternative to the ALT Left arrow which really is hard to press, but alt-backspace is a good alternative.

Use this script:


With AutoHotkey program to remap the keys to do that.


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This basically sucked hours out of my life.  (but it’s all good that’s my job)

The issue is the recovery CD or USB drive that provided by dell does not recognize the M.2 harddrive you need to load the drivers before you attempt to do the restore.

Go to:

Download the file and unzip it to a USB thumb drive formated at fat32  (Very important)

Then in the recovery menu to the advanced then select restore from image, … Read the rest

I had a heck of a time finding a way to get the wifi logon to save and keep it signed in on windows 10 logon screen.

How to fix:

  1. Go to services.msc and disable WLAN AutoConfig service (Temporarily)
  2. Then go to: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWlansvc  (This folder is a hidden folder)
  3. Keep Just the profiles folder  (Delete all but profiles)
  4. Go inside profiles folder and keep just interfaces folder (Delete all but that folder)
  5. Delete everything inside folder interfaces
  6. Start the WLAN
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Something changed in chrome that when you right click and open a link in a new tab, sildenafil the content doesn’t play automatically.  This happens in youtube and other multimedia sites.

to fix this go to:

  (paste this to the URL bar,  clicking on it won’t work)

And enable this flag.

You must restart chrome (completely,  if you don’t know how, just restart your computer)


Please let me know if this worked for you!



 … Read the rest

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