After exporting to excel  select an empty column and put this in the first cell   Assuming D column has the amounts and E column has the debit/credit



Then just pull down the box to replicate this formula on the rest of the rows.… Read the rest

Apparently, the issue happens when there are no security questions in the account so follow these steps:

Go to TDAmeritrade security center and log in:

Then click on the “Two-step security preference”

Then click on “Manage Security Questions”

Fill all questions options,  should work now!


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Sunday March 27, 2022

Loaf of bread recipe

Flour – 1200g

Water – 792g

Salt – 31g

Instant Yeast – 8g

Mix it all in a mixer for 5-10 minutes.  Let rise till doubled.

Preheat oven to 425F

Split dough to 2 loafs (kneed the balls first) and put in a loaf pan.

Let rise in the pan covered with a wet towel. About an 30 minutes to an hour.

Slit the loafs from the top 2 to 3 times with a sharp knife.  (This is for pressure … Read the rest

Install explorer patcher:

Whoever approved these changes should be fired.

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Wednesday March 9, 2022

Adobe CS5 fails to update

Update the application manager:

Install the Adobe Application Manager 10 and then try Help>Updates from within photoshop cs5.




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Tuesday November 23, 2021

no bag entry mac install

If you are trying to install MAC OS on a laptop and you get the notorious “no bag entry” and the laptop as been sitting for a while, it’s possible that the time and date are incorrect and the apple server is rejecting the request just because of that.

To fix this when you are at the recovery page click on utilities and open terminal


ntpdate -u This will update the date and time from apple time server. 
Read the rest

Thursday October 29, 2020

Windows Server 2019 Timezone change

There seems to be a bug in windows server 2019 that doesn’t allow time zone change.

In order to change the time zone, go to command line in elevated administrator role.


tzutil /l

This will list all the time zones, copy the time zone you want and run the following command:

tzutil /s “Eastern Standard Time”


In this case I selected “Eastern Standard Time”   You need to pick the zone you’re in.


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Thursday July 16, 2020


According to HJC rep the differences are minor but as follows:

  1. they changed the ratcheting system a little.
  2. It’s now compatible with the SMART HJC communication system.


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Log in to the router and go to:

Services-> Services

In there make sure you have the following setting:

Let me explain the text:


This sets the DHCP option of a device with ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff mac addresss and then it sets the option of dns-server to be (which is adguard dns server, you can put whatever you wish)

The mac address is listed in the admin area of the router but if you can’t find it usually the label … Read the rest

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Get list of AD groups a user is a member of

In powershell to get the groups that a user belongs to on a specific domain (that you have access to but is not the primary domain) (replace username with the username and the domainname with the domain you want to use) type the following:

(Get-ADUser username -server domainname –Properties MemberOf).MemberOf

To get general info you can use this:

Get-ADUser username -Server domainname

If it’s on the same domain you can just use the net command under command prompt:   Change username … Read the rest

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