Tuesday March 8, 2016 12:24

Dell Recovery disc not working. “Unable to reset your pc. The system drive cannot be found”

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This basically sucked hours out of my life.  (but it’s all good that’s my job)

The issue is the recovery CD or USB drive that provided by dell does not recognize the M.2 harddrive you need to load the drivers before you attempt to do the restore.

Go to:  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25165/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-RAID-Driver

Download the  f6flpy-x64.zip file and unzip it to a USB thumb drive formated at fat32  (Very important)

Then in the recovery menu to the advanced then select restore from image, capsule  get out of any error screen and select install driver.  select the following:

iaStorAC  (The one that has a gear on it, it’s the setup information file)

a pop up will have 2 option, I selected the first one,  they had the same name.


Now cancel out after it installed the drivers and go back to the main menu and select recover disk (The 2nd one under the non advanced menu)


That’s all.


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