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How to migrate Adobe Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) to another server

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Ever since they announced on the end of life of windows server 2003, ask i’ve been scratching my head how to migrate Adobe contribute publishing server from an old Windows 2003 Server to Windows Server 2012r2  (or any other version)

Well first problem was that I couldn’t get it installed, it would get stuck in the installation screen.  the second problem was that i couldn’t figure out  where the hell is the configuration file/files located?


So the first one took me a while, you need to download the install file from here:

And just in case the page is down here is the direct download for windows:

Then unzip of course and right click and select the properties of the exe file, then go to the compatibility tab and select either Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP SP3



Now to migrate the server setting go to the following folder:

C:Program FilesMacromediaContribute Publishing Servicesdatabase

C:Program Files (x86)MacromediaContribute Publishing Servicesdatabase

Depending on the operating system.


That’s all folks.

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