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Wednesday March 15, 2023 15:20

Is UTOvacation a scam?

You be the judge.  Below is the terms they don’t tell you before you pay (or after, I got an email almost 6 months after with these details):

“This is a sponsored tour. The sponsor requires that all passengers attend all the activities during the trip.
Not meeting this condition will lead to the revocation of the trip’s and traveller’s sponsorship, as the terms
and conditions and product page state, and as agreed to by the traveller before purchase. Each … Read the rest

I’ve been getting this error on my Samsung galaxy note 9 since it was brand new.

NOTHING I did fix the issue.   Don’t waste your time.

I think the phone needs either a new sim card or flash a new firmware.   (I’m thinking it’s the firmware cause Samsung was urging me to get the phone repaired at a facility)

Now just to be clear this error happens when the phone is brand new.   If you get this issue when the … Read the rest

Tuesday October 20, 2009 17:24

Good job reporting the news BBC! /sarcasm

Waste of bandwidth!… Read the rest

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