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So what is the difference between these 3 modular  HJC helmet? I searched and I couldn’t find definitive  answers so I researched, and I’m  sharing my findings with you.

I had to rearrange the specs so they align.   I marked in red what’s missing from each helmet.

If this helped you, please  consider buying me coffee!   Thanks!  Thanks in advance!

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I have to say, I had high hopes for these headphones, They had crazy good reviews on AMAZON take a look!

I own the Sony MDR-NC40    and I thought I could find something a little more comfortable for long plane rides that doesn’t sit straight on your ears. Now, the sony do an admirable job removing ambient noise and good isolation, but if they are a little off they lose their effectiveness so on an airplane you need to … Read the rest

Tuesday December 2, 2014 13:38

Kwikset Kevo Review

So I decided to plunge into the realm of keyless door locks.  For some reason I was really impressed with the Kwikset Kevo and I decided to get it.

Let me just say that at the end of the day I was really disappointed with the device.  On paper it’s wonderful but when you dig deep and start using it you realize how flawed it is.


Here are the reasons why I did not like this device and decided … Read the rest


but it has a major issue. Watch the video for the full review:


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This is a review for the Kitchenaid Professional 600 Stand Mixer.

Get it here:

Video Review:


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Friday July 6, 2012 10:32

MIU Jumbo Garlic Press Review

Highly Recommended!

Click here for Product page.

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In this 2 part series I talk about the Bamix Gastro 200 Immersion Blender. (or otherwise known as the Bamix Professional at  Williams and Sonoma).

Part 1



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In this video I share my thoughts about this Lenovo Ideapad Y480.

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I learned a few things in my cheesecake baking adventure, cheesecake is tricky.  I mean, you could whip up one and it will be ok, but if you want one that is not cracked, has a nice texture and oh so yummy, TRICKY.  So i’m going to share with you what I learned.

1) You have to introduce as little as possible air to the mixure once you put in the eggs, and you put them last.

2) Use the … Read the rest

This is a mini review for the Champion 3500 watts generator. This specific one comes with a 120/240 switch which is great. Check out a very similar model on amazon:

The likes:

  • Relatively quiet. (68db)
  • Good fuel consumption – 3 hours/gal   (12 total at 50% load)
  • Light.   About 98lbs.
  • Well constructed.   Powder coated frame.
  • 240v capable, which means that with a twist plug splitter like this, you would be able to use the entire output with regular plugs.
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