Tuesday August 4, 2015 15:22

Panasonic RPHC200K Noise Canceling headphones review

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I have to say, I had high hopes for these headphones, They had crazy good reviews on AMAZON take a look!

I own the Sony MDR-NC40    and I thought I could find something a little more comfortable for long plane rides that doesn’t sit straight on your ears. Now, the sony do an admirable job removing ambient noise and good isolation, but if they are a little off they lose their effectiveness so on an airplane you need to keep readjusting them as you nod off and bump your head as you fall asleep. I bought them 10 years ago, I thought surely something less expensive and 10 years later should at least work as well.

These Panasonic headphones have ZERO noise canceling. I wouldn’t pay a dime for their noise canceling capabilities.

Here are some pictures of both products, feel free to ask me any question in the comment section.



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