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I decided to get a generator when our power went out (to what turned out to be a few days).

Lowes only had the Storm Responder 5500 in stock.  I paid about $800 for it.

Here are my thoughts about it.

The good:

Seems powerful, glands I was able to run an electric kettel, a fridge, freezer, a washer and dryer and a UPS that has a computer and a 46” screen connected to it.

The bad:

It has … Read the rest

Tuesday September 20, 2011 12:04

Shark GS500 Press & Refresh Garment Steamer Review

I got the Shark GS500 Press & Refresh Garment Steamer after my upright steamer stopped working (conveniently shortly after warranty expired…). So this was an impulse purchase, side effects I had to have something, search since I steam my dress shirt and pants every morning before work.

So lets start with the Good:
It works. It provides extremely hot steam at a good rate. The “ironing plate” at the top actually helps. I guess one could say this product actually … Read the rest

Friday September 16, 2011 14:33

Sprint Epic 4G Touch – Galaxy S II mini review

Phone is really nice. I think the form factor is phenomenal, page very light, more about thin. Great great camera, that thing can focus to almost any macro distance, and quick. I’m impressed with that aspect.

There is a big but I couldn’t get over the quality of the screen. The whites are not even close to white, and text has a shadow of red pixels.

I also thought it wasn’t bright enough, it was in Auto and I felt … Read the rest

Sunday April 17, 2011 23:26

iPad2 review – Initial thoughts.

I got a new iPad2 from work (for development and testing purposes) and I used it over the weekend.  Here are my thoughts:


  1. Very Thin.  I like !
  2. Good quality screen. (Though the resolution is lacking, adiposity for today’s technology)


  1. Can’t charge it and use it with anything but the apple supplied charger.  (maybe some newer computers will have a high power usb port)
  2. I found the that touch screen was finicky, remedy  I had a hard time
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Withings wiscale is just awesome! The setup is easy, order all you need is to connect it one time to your computer and set up the Wifi settings.   Then all you have to do is go on the web site, register the scale and start using it.

It automatically can keep track of multiple people (it knows by the variation in weight and body composition).

The scale is very elegant in design, sort of if apple were to introduce a … Read the rest

Saturday September 4, 2010 12:37

Sprint EVO 4G review

I didn’t care for the EVO 4G when I first got it, viagra 100mg but then after I customized it With launcher pro I ended up liking it very much. but here are the bads which could be a deal breaker for you:

1) The plastic next to the power cracked after a week of use (and i was really gentle with the phone)

2) The Camera lens sits flush with the surface you put it on, for sale big … Read the rest

Thursday September 2, 2010 09:38

Sprint Epic 4G Review

After trying the EVO 4g i decided to try the EPIC.  Here’s my bad and likes about this phone.
* This type of screen gives out great colors and contrast, but fonts are not as sharp as they should be due to the screen door effect of this type of screen
* Email app has no HTML (am i missing something here?)
* The dialer only shows one name at a time when you start typing
* I think
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The day I ordered an EVO I found out that my SERO plan could take it if I wait till OCT. So I’ll return it and see what comes out around OCT.

What did I think of it? I’m coming from windows mobile 6.5 with HTC improvements (as well as a custom rom)

  1. I really miss the X button that you can hold and it will shut down the specific program. plus the little pull down on the main screen
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Friday March 5, 2010 08:48

Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer Video Review

So i was on the mission to find the best possible mixer on the market…

I got four:

  1. KitchenAid 90th anniversary (325W/5qt)
  2. KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus (300w/4.5qt)
  3. KitchenAid Professional HD (475w/5qt)
  4. Cuisinart SM-55 5-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer

Out of all the pivot lift kitchenaid mixers the 90th anniversary was the nicest.  I really liked the glass bowl, though i was always worried i’m going to shatter it while cleaning)

The Ultra power was not strong enough for dough,  It may be … Read the rest

Ah a little competition!  If you like Hulu you will like crackle.

Also is not bad at all for finding most shows online.… Read the rest

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