Tuesday November 8, 2016 10:56

File Explorer Crashes immediately after opening or after accessing certain files.

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This has been driving me nuts.   I’m positive that there is a bug in windows 10 that Microsoft needs to fix.  (At lease notify the user and not crash)

ok so if file explorer crashes immediately  after you open it, then you need to click the start menu and type File Explorer Options (It will pop up as you type)

After you open it you need to clear the File explorer history Cache.

The 2nd problem I found that was caused by very long file names and directories.  Once the file structure passes a 260 Character ([drive][:][path][null] = 260)

The problem is you get no error, file explorer just crashes and it’s very hard to diagnose.

There is an option that i haven’t check that will use long file paths:

  1. Open Group Policy Editor (Press Windows Key and type gpedit.msc and hit Enter key.
  2. Navigate to the following directory:    Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem > NTFS.
  3. Click  Enable NTFS long paths option and enable it.

Let me know if this worked…

Hope this helped.

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